Right in the middle of Osaka’s Namba-Dotonbori district is our main restaurant,
top quality Japanese wagyu beef yakiniku ‘Nikusyo Nakata’.
In a tasteful interior where you can choose from counter seats
near the open kitchen or completely private rooms,
we serve wagyu Daikokusengyu Beef that has been aged
gently in our curing house including our speciality tender
beef tongue in combination with 32 different types of salt,
skilfully grilled in its best condition.
Nikusyo means beef experts – and that is exactly what we are.

Nikusyo Nakata’s curing house for wagyu Daikokusengyu Beef

Nikusyo Nakata’s curing house for wagyu Daikokusengyu Beef

Nikusyo Nakata is ageing its beef carefully in a special curing house, the biggest of its kind in West Japan, located in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture.
After the highest-grade Japanese wagyu Daikokusengyu Beef has aged in the warehouse in processes adjusted for each different part of meat, it is shipped to our restaurants where our guests can enjoy the meat to the fullest.
Our guests highly praise our rib roast or sirloin meat of the highest A-5 rank Japanese Daikokusengyu Beef that has aged for 21 or 35 days under conditions controlled via computers of 90% humidity at 0℃, for its delicious amino acid taste fostered by the ageing process, for its gentle texture and for its fat that with a low fusion point literally melts in one’s mouth.

Introducing our restaurants

Nikusyo Nakata Main Restaurant

Osaka, Namba

Nakata Bettei

Osaka, Fukushima

The store will be closed on February 29, 2024.
Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

Wagyu brand Daikokusengyu
Beef online gift shop

Wagyu brand Daikokusengyu Beef online gift shop

The Japanese wagyu ‘Daikokusengyu Beef’ that can be enjoyed at the restaurants of Nikusyo Nakata can also be purchased via the online shop.
Nikusyo Nakata only uses the highest A5 grade beef from cows that have been raised with special care for over 29 months, a period that is longer than other Japanese wagyu beef brands. The meat is shipped after the delicious, genuine wagyu beef taste has been further nurtured being slowly aged in our curing house. We have prepared the precious Daikokusengyu Beef as gift sets.
We are confident that this gift to your beloved ones will definitely delight them. (Info only in Japanese)